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A complex and ever-changing landscape impacts the care you can deliver to your patients.

CHEST Advocates, launching later this year, will surface key and emerging issues from diverse perspectives, arming you with the information and context needed to champion the causes important to you and your patients.

Advocate for your patients and your practice. Understand the factors impacting your patients’ access to and experience of care, the legislative and regulatory changes affecting the field, and how you can help CHEST remove the barriers to evidence-based practice that can improve health care.

Delivered quarterly, CHEST Advocates will include:

  • insights from those impacted by or driving changes to pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicineincluding patients, clinicians, and regulators;
  • policy updates affecting your practice, including governmental activities and legislative and regulatory changes;
  • news from CHEST and its partners on initiatives, resources, and other efforts driving forward our mission of improving care for patients with lung disease; and much more.

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