CHEST Journal Animation Editor


Role Summary: 

The CHEST® Journal Animation Editor is a volunteer position appointed by the Editor in Chief of the journal CHEST, reporting to the Deputy Editor, Web and Multimedia (WAMM), to assist in expanding the reach of CHEST journal content through the creation of complementary animated videos that visually depict the key points and takeaways from the journal’s most impactful articles. The Animation Editor will create one animation video script per month with design support from our contracted production team.  

Goals of Animation Videos: 

  • Educate the physicians on what is being published in the journal CHEST 
  • Increase recognition of the journal among physicians and other health care professionals/providers 
  • Increase engagement among existing and potential members 
  • Expand the journal CHEST’s visual offerings on social media 

Essential Functions/Responsibilities: 

  • On an ongoing basis, review recently accepted CHEST journal articles to identify impactful research that would translate well into an animated video summary.  
  • Each month, draft one script for a 2-minute video summary of a selected CHEST journal article. Each script should include direction for the production team on what types of images would be best to visually depict the article’s meaning.  
  • With the support of the journal staff, ensure that each script is reviewed by the Deputy Editor, Web and Multimedia, and the designated content expert on the journal’s editorial board. Incorporate any needed changes based on feedback received. 
  • With the support of journal staff, liaise with the production team to review final image selection, clarify pronunciation of terms, and approve the final video. 
  • Help promote each month’s video by sharing the YouTube link and engaging with relevant posts on the journal’s social media accounts.  
  • Work with the Deputy Editor, Web and Multimedia, the journal team, and CHEST staff on the continued development of this feature.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Must be comfortable with the use of social media and have a personal presence/voice on various outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  
  • Must be willing to commit time weekly to this activity.  
  • Much be comfortable suggesting new opportunities to promote the journal CHEST and expand the use of WAMM content. 
  • Should be an avid reader of medical literature, have published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, have been a high-quality reviewer for the journal CHEST in the past, and have an understanding of journal publishing.  

To Apply for the Animation Editor Role: 

  • Write a statement of interest, including details on any previous involvement with CHEST and current social media handles (eg, Twitter) 
  • Provide a CV 
  • Create a sample animation script from a recently published CHEST journal article 
  • Email application to 

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