CHEST After Hours


Call for Storytellers: CHEST After Hours

Produced in partnership with The Nocturnists Satellites 


Medicine is more than tests, diagnoses, and treatments and being a clinician is so much more than knowing how to treat patients. There is an essential humanistic side of medicine that CHEST encourages clinicians to embrace—one that celebrates empathy and invites reflection.   

We’re looking for five presenters to share a piece of their personal story as a clinician in chest medicine at CHEST After Hours, Monday, October 7, in Boston.  


Deadline: Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Presenters need not be experienced storytellers—the journey of presenting at CHEST After Hours includes live virtual storytelling workshops with our expert coaches and resources from The Nocturnists Satellites, by award-winning medical storytelling program The Nocturnists. The Satellites initiative supports clinicians in producing live storytelling events in their local communities.

What we’re looking for 

We’re looking for true, original, first-person stories related to the theme of “My Revolution.” We want to hear your story of revolution, especially how you may have stood up against the status quo. We’re looking for stories of transformation and evolution. What is your unique perspective that you can share with our community?


Be a part of this special live performance by submitting to be a presenter at CHEST After Hours.  



Deadline: Tuesday, July 23, 2024 


Get a glimpse of what CHEST After Hours is all about. 


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A Kind of Faith, Rana L. Awdish, MD, FCCP 

Making Anger Count, Gabriel T. Bosslet, MD, FCCP 

Playing Not to Lose, Kara L. Dupuy-McCauley, MD, FCCP 



This independent Nocturnists Satellites event is operated under license from The Nocturnists.

The Nocturnists Satellites, an initiative by award-winning medical storytelling program The Nocturnists, supports clinicians to produce live storytelling events in their local communities. By partnering with people and organizations in the US and beyond to create these events, Satellites amplifies the movement The Nocturnists has built over the last eight years, humanizing healthcare through artistic expression. To learn more, visit