Lead the Voice of CHEST Advocacy

With changes in the legislation and regulation that affect clinical practice, initiatives to help ensure all patients can access equitable care and benefit from advancements in research are key to supporting clinicians’ ability to treat patients with lung disease, critical illness, and sleep disorders. It is important for clinicians to stay abreast of these changes and to raise their voice and champion for change when their ability to deliver first-class care is threatened.

CHEST is launching a new publication, CHEST Advocates, that will utilize editorial features, expert opinions and perspectives, informational articles, and other multimedia content to:

    • tell the story of our mission and focus in advocacy and keep CHEST grounded in the lives we strive to change;
    • share the impact of legislative and regulatory changes in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine;
    • herald CHEST actions toward improving the care of patients with lung disease; and
    • encourage engagement with and action toward CHEST’s advocacy efforts and strategic priorities among readers and partner organizations to foster a broad community dedicated to improving the lives of patients with lung disease.

Visit the newsroom to learn more about CHEST’s advocacy efforts and priorities.

About the role

The Editor of CHEST Advocates will serve as an expert steward of these priorities in the fields of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine, guiding the development of content that illuminates regulatory, legislative, diversity, and other issues impacting the way clinicians practice and that identifies opportunities to improve care for patients with lung disease. This role comes with a stipend and a term of 3 years.

Tasks and expectations of the Editor

    • Working closely with a CHEST staff member, who will serve as Managing Editor to produce the issues in a timely fashion and in accordance with CHEST editorial policies and procedures, the Editor of CHEST Advocates will:

      • identify themes for quarterly issues, with consideration to the issues having the greatest impact on clinicians and their patients as well as CHEST’s advocacy priorities;

      • make recommendations for and ensure the accuracy, quality, and relevance of content for a clinician audience; and

      • identify sources and other content contributors representing a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and expertise to present a holistic view of issues shaping the practice of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

    • Engage in monthly CHEST Health Policy and Advocacy Committee (HPAC) meetings and encourage collaboration of HPAC members with CHEST Advocates, such as by contributing content or identifying potential issues to cover.
    • Regularly review reports from CHEST’s advocacy partners and other media to stay abreast of changes in the legislative and regulatory environment and identify the most salient issues from that research to inform coverage in CHEST Advocates.
    • Establish, maintain, and foster relationships with clinician members and other partners/stakeholders to ensure a diverse community of potential content contributors representing the field’s passion for creating change for patients.
    • Assign content to contributors, including contextualizing the importance of and desired outcomes for each assignment and guiding content development to ensure submissions are relevant, are appropriate, present a complete perspective on the subject covered, and fulfill the goal of driving improvements to patient care.
    • Be a passionate voice in the field, serving as a representative and steward of CHEST’s advocacy priorities within pulmonary, critical care, and chest medicine.
    • Prior experience with and a passion for:
      • advocacy as a means for improving the delivery and experience of health care, such as through community advocacy efforts, quality improvement projects, or DEI initiatives; and/or
      • research into health and health care disparities and an understanding of organizational, institutional, or regulatory strategies for mitigating those disparities.
    • Familiarity and comfort with issues relating to and terminology describing DEI initiatives and priorities and the ability to identify gaps in perspective or representation to ensure a holistic and complete picture of issues presented.
    • Prior experience with content development.
    • An active network and social media presence.
    • Willingness to become an FCCP. 

How to apply

To be considered for the role of Editor of CHEST Advocates, submit the following materials to Danielle Leber, Managing Editor of News Channels, at dleber@chestnet.org by Monday, May 30:

1. A one-to two-page statement of interest detailing examples of your prior engagement with the types of advocacy activities detailed above and what you hope to achieve as the Editor of CHEST Advocates.
2. A curriculum vitae.
Selected candidates will be invited to a second round of consideration consisting of a virtual interview. If you have any questions about CHEST Advocates or the role of Editor, please email dleber@chestnet.org.