Air Tank: Breathe Fresh Air Into Distanced Learning
Apply for the New $15,000 Air Tank Grant

 Submit your innovative ideas on ways to deliver medical education in a digital learning format for a chance to secure this new $15,000 grant. The grant will be awarded to one to three individuals who propose a fresh, innovative approach to distanced learning. 

Phase 1

Submit a 5-minute video describing your idea and how it will benefit learners. Project proposals will be scored based on:  

  • Significance: fills a knowledge gap/practice gap.   
  • Innovation: contributes to innovation.    
  • Educational quality: identifies the educational principles or adult learning principles. 
  • Approach: presented with clarity. 
  • Feasibility: extent to which the experience, qualifications, and time commitment to conduct the project is commensurate with the project.  

Each video should include:   

  • Rationale and vision for the project 
  • Explanation for how the project will be delivered  
  • A description of the benefits for learners  


  • The submission must focus on a new delivery of medical education in a digital learning format.   
  • Ability to be completed within 6 months of the project initiation.  

Phase 2

Applicants submitting the top three proposals will be invited to present their idea to the Air Tank judges. Judging will be recorded and made available for viewing. The judges will select the top one to three submissions to be awarded the grant.   

Presentations should include:   

  • Project budget    
  • Timeline  
  • Team members   
  • Resource requirements   
  • A letter from your institution     

More information will be given to the top three candidates. 


  • Applicants must be in an accredited or affiliated doctoral degree-granting institution or other professionally focused organization.   
  • Applicants may submit multiple proposals, but an individual may only serve as a principal investigator on one.   
  • Medical students and trainees are welcome to submit applications but must include a supervising mentor as a co-director.   

Video submission deadline: May 24

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